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set design & construction


Bespoke sculptural constructions for film, theater, theme parks and production design

Michalis Lagouvardos & Company

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Set Design & Construction GR

We are one of Greece's oldest and most well known Scenic and Theming companies.

We specialize in the creation of large scale sculptural constructions, sets, props and other scenic assets for Theme Parks, Theater, Opera, Television and Feature Films, as well as Set Design, Concept Art and 

For over 20 years, we have collaborated with some of Greece's and Europe's most celebrated Directors, Set Designers, Production Designers, Artists and Creators from numerous relevant fields.

Our studio is one of the most experienced in theme park sculptural constructions having worked exclusively or among other industry professionals in every theme park or themed resort in Greece.

Our in-house artistic, design and construction teams consist of highly skilled craftsmen, artists, designers and construction specialists from a truly diverse range of backgrounds and experience.

We are always ready to inject our skill, artistry and imagination into any given project and make your vision come to life.

Michalis Lagouvardos:

Michalis is a celebrated Visual Artist, Scenographer and Master Sculptor based in Athens. After working for years in the National Opera and National Theater as a scenic artist, set designer, prop artist and in other relevant roles and fields, in 2006 he founded Set Design & Construction.GR.

His personal, artistic and technical expertise, depth of knowledge of every aspect of scenic art production and his vast professional practical experience are the unstoppable forces that motivate the company's creative team into developing their artistic potential and producing unparalleled quality work.

A recipient of many awards like the "Spyropoulos' Foundation Award" and a restless creative personality, a true homo-universalis with a warm and generous heart, as well as a devoted husband and father, Michalis Lagouvardos to this day inspires us pursuing his unique artistic and entrepreneurial vision with a conviction and tirelessness which truly echoes the grand masters or the Rennaissance.

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Through our technical expertise and over 20 years of practical experience in sculptural construction, we help scenic designers, directors and producers realize their concepts and designs.

Sculptural Asset, Scenic Set and Prop manufacture

Our team specializes in the manufacture of bespoke hand-made sculptures, props, sets and constructions using a variety of contemporary materials that guarantee a light, durable and safe construction, compliant with all the health and safety regulations in the EU such as polystyrene (EPS) foam, wood, resin, plastic and other industry standards, as well as specialized paints and methods of reproduction of color, texture, preparation and aging of all surfaces.   

Set Design, Scenery Painting, Visual Art and Murals production

Our crew of expert scenic artists has unique experience in producing original set design as well interpreting concepts, sketches, technical drawings and paint elevations by our clients and partners, bringing them to life on the actual scenery of a play, film or other production. We work with specialized materials, paints and methods of reproduction of color, texture, preparation and aging of all surfaces. 

Visual Development and Project Visualisation

Apart from bringing our partners' designs to life we are able to provide original artwork, for the visual development and concept design of any theming, set design, or marketing/event project. Furthermore, using state of the art digital imaging techniques and 3D CGI software we are able to photorealistically visualise any asset or entire project, in order to save time, estimate cost and communicate our and our  partners' vision and ideas before the actual construction begins.

Budgeting & Production Management

We are able to manage and supervise the entire set design production process from start to finish, or any stage separately depending on our clients' and partners' requirements. This includes the design, visualization, budgeting,  manufacture, painting, construction and installation of large and smaller scale sculptural assets and projects.

Installation and Maintenance

Our crew is very experienced in the careful packaging, handling, delivery and installation of artwork and other set design assets.

Our company may also provide maintenance services for outdoor and indoor installed works upon request.

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